Christian Organizations in Puerto Vallarta

Christian Organizations in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, nestled in the heart of Mexico, is not only known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture but also serves as a canvas for various Christian organizations dedicated to making a positive impact. Here, we highlight some of the ministries weaving threads of faith, compassion, and service in the local community.

Paradice Church: Welcoming All to Worship and Serve

Paradice Church extends a warm welcome to English-speaking residents and visitors, providing a connected community of faith and celebratory worship services. Beyond worship, they actively engage in community ministries, offering support to those in need. Whether you’re seeking spiritual connection or a chance to “Vacation with a Purpose,” Paradice Church invites you to join their participatory worship services and contribute to outreach efforts.

Paradice Church Facebook Page

Angeles En Libertad: Recycling Lives through Love

Angeles En Libertad, a non-profit organization, collects bottle caps through recycling to support medical assistance for those unable to afford it. This unique initiative not only promotes environmental consciousness but also transforms lives by providing crucial medical support. Join them in making a difference and check out their impactful work on their Facebook page.

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Casa Conner: Pasitos de Luz – Lighting the Path for Children

Casa Conner is intricately connected with Pasitos de Luz, a ministry serving children with various disabling conditions since 2000. This organization offers specialized therapy and treatment to approximately 130 families, free of charge. Join Casa Conner in supporting Pasitos de Luz’s mission and be part of providing hope and care to children in need.

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Refuge of Hope Bucerias A.C.: A Haven in Hard Places

Established in 2020, Refuge of Hope Bucerias A.C. serves the community by providing care for children, skill training for teens, and support for single moms and grandmas in challenging situations. Join their mission to be a refuge of hope for people living in difficult circumstances, making a positive impact in Bucerias.

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Vallarta Food Bank: Nourishing Bodies and Souls

The Vallarta Food Bank goes beyond providing food to those in need; they believe in cleanliness as a basic human right. Offering outdoor showers, laundry facilities, and various support programs, the organization ensures that the community’s basic needs are met. Join them in their mission to prevent hunger and provide essential services to the vulnerable.

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YWAM Puerto Vallarta: Empowering the Next Generation of Faithful Servants

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Puerto Vallarta, established in 2017, stands as a beacon, calling the next generation to a transformative journey of purpose and impact. YWAM empowers young individuals to be faithful servants, engaging in service initiatives that transcend borders and transform lives. Through their Discipleship Training School, hands-on outreach projects, and collaboration with local churches, YWAM Puerto Vallarta actively contributes to community development, spiritual growth, and global outreach.

YWAM Puerto Vallarta Website

YWAM Puerto Vallarta
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