About the Discipleship Training School

Starts February 2nd

Come join us for a Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! DTS is a 5 month program where we live, learn, and grow together. During the first three months, commonly called the Lecture Phase, we will have new topics each week which include: The Character of God, Hearing God’s Voice, The Father Heart of God, Grace and Holiness, Identity in Christ, Relationships, Spiritual Warfare, The Holy Spirit, The Cost of Discipleship, Biblical Worldview, and Missions and Evangelism. We will have one on one discipleship times with each student and participate in local ministry together. A weekly schedule will include teaching, worship, intercession, Bible study, local ministry, work duties, small group, one on one discipleship, and outreach preparation… and we promise to throw in a little fun!

The final two months will be spent on outreach where we will apply what we have learned while ministering in a cross-cultural setting. If you have been looking for a way to grow in your faith and to develop and use your giftings for God’s glory, come and join us!

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We just recently hosted our first Discipleship Training School here in Bahía de Banderas.

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